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Meet ApogeeNet in the Cloud

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Think Simple

No hardware headaches
No Microsoft Licensing fees
No SQL Database Admin required

Think Robust

APN Processes over 100,000,000 calls/week
Successful at Largest US Not-for-Profit Hospital System for last 10 years
Second Largest US For-Profit Hospital System for last 5 years
Thousands of Installations In Every Vertical Market for over 30 years

Think Business Analytics

APN provides tools for Managers to Pinpoint important Metrics
New Views and Power Data Visualization Tools
Slice and Dice Call Data Your Way

Think Productivity

Over 200 Pixel-Perfect Reports
Unique Incoming Call Analytics Improve Inter-Department Productivity
Dashboards Pinpoint Bottlenecks to Enhance Workflow

Think Partnership

Every Department in your Organization will have a Concerned Partner
To Test Protocols, Audit your System, and Train your Users
A Reliable Partner to Prevent/Minimize Downtime