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Flexible Call Accounting Solutions for Modern Telecommunications

Modern telecommunications systems are far more complex than a short decade ago. Unified communications have had a tremendous impact on legacy PBX systems as they incorporate features available in sophisticated VoIP systems. ApogeeNet is a fully featured Call Accounting software system that can be tailored to track call records from all major legacy PBXs and a variety of IP-based systems. For over 35 years SDT has been recognized as an innovator by designing feature-rich, cost-cutting, and productivity enhancing tools for a wide variety of demanding enterprise applications. If your telemanagement software needs are as unique as your organization, ApogeeNet can provide a simple solution.

Any organization can benefit from the innovative tools offered by the ApogeeNet Call Accounting System. ApogeeNet modules help to reduce operational costs and to improve employee productivity within departments requiring efficient utilization of telecom resources. In addition to thorough tracking of telecom usage, ApogeeNet can track telecom and other equipment charges and implementation/installation costs via a browser-based work order tracking component.

While ApogeeNet contains all the traditional tools offered by a full-featured call accounting system, it also contains leading-edge business intelligence components that integrate with the traditional system and facilitate expansion into the brave new world of self-service, data-centric Business Intelligence.

Help Accounts Payable Reduce Telecom Costs

Cost analysis is a crucial phase in the process of telecom cost reduction. ApogeeNet has many inherent features that can help reconcile cost discrepancies – answer supervision recognition, multiple selectable billing methodologies, cost allocation reporting, gateway routing analysis – that can then be accommodated and combined with telco-grade pricing algorithms to analyze complex pricing scenarios. Additionally equipment charges, credit card billing, governmental aggregation data, negotiated third-party rates, message unit hierarchies, rate banding, and shared tenant methodologies can be incorporated to provide a complete breakdown of all corporate telecom expenses.

Improve Sales

Sales managers need a high-level view of phone usage for their department, with the ability to drill down to specifics when necessary. ApogeeNet sales reports pinpoint activity at a glance using pixel-perfect SAP Crystal Reports that allow for further drill-down to individual users or explicit calls. New BI technologies allow for even further slicing-and-dicing by geographical location, time-slicing, animation, and any combination of user-defined metrics.

Security Features to Monitor Alarms, Uncover Misuse/Abuse, and Detect Toll Fraud

ApogeeNet has numerous conditions that can generate immediate alerts – calls to/from specific phone numbers, regions, accounts, or authorization codes; calls from specific DNIS Codes; above/below specific thresholds for time-of-day, duration, traffic volume, call error conditions; externally generated alarms can be retransmitted; and detection of suspicious date-stamp conditions. Each alert can generate an email notification to multiple recipients and parameters can be adjusted on a site-by-site basis.

Manage Telecom Finances with Cost Allocation

Finance managers require tools to allocate telecom expenses appropriately between departments and cost centers for budgetary purposes. ApogeeNet contains simple tools to prorate various telecom expenses based on actual usage. In addition, fixed monthly charges for equipment, circuit usage, and a variety of miscellaneous charges can be automatically assigned to the appropriate budgetary units.

Administrators can explore Business Analytics

ApogeeNet has ground-breaking business intelligence tools that enable administrators and stakeholders to incorporate CDR call records into business models, associate applicable metrics, define data-centric principles, and slice-and-dice the resultant data visualize customer relationship management efforts in radically new ways. As such, ApogeeNet represents a paradigm shift in the evolution of call accounting and is more properly described as a Business Intelligence Telemanagement System.

Telecom Managers Can Optimize the Voice Network

Maintaining any voice network is an endless task. Lack of supervision can cause unexpected reductions in available capacity and performance. ApogeeNet provides the reporting tools necessary for telecom managers to gain insight into their voice network, optimize performance, and improve global operational efficiency. Engineering calculations based on actual usage help manage bandwidth requirements, circuit availability, busy hour blockage, and can be modeled to simulate network performance under alternative conditions.

Truly Track Customer Service Performance

ApogeeNet has unique capabilities to analyze multi-leg call records and determine particular Call Sequence Patterns for inclusion in a variety of unique Apogee Reports that provide key performance indicators for Customer Service Groups. Extensions are classified into over a dozen Extension Categories and call progress between these extension groups is analyzed by unique ApogeeNet pattern recognition algorithms. Common patterns are used as the foundation of a variety of unique reports included within the suite of over 175 standard report templates and pattern metrics are available for visualization by utilizing the ApogeeNet Views tool within the Business Intelligence toolkit.

More details can be found by requesting our Incoming Call Management Solutions whitepaper.

Receptionists Represent the Face of Your Organization

Many organizations have incoming calls routed through a common phone number or extension to be presented to a receptionist or pool of representatives trained to interact with the caller and subsequently transfer or complete the call. ApogeeNet has various reports within the suite of over 175 standard reports that allow managers to access the performance of these representatives and evaluate the overall efficiency of the group – console operators, receptionists, hunt pilot groups, answering service reps, and other customer service personnel.

Track Performance of Call Centers and other Call Clusters

Large call centers or even smaller departments typically have incoming calls routed through a common phone number or extension to be presented to a pool of representatives trained to interact with the caller and subsequently transfer or complete the call. There are various schemes in which the incoming calls can then be distributed to the waiting receptionist, agents, or reps and a properly functioning call accounting system must be capable of being configured to match each distribution pattern. ApogeeNet has various reports within the suite of over 175 standard reports that allow managers to access the performance of these representatives and evaluate the overall efficiency of the group – hunt pilot group, agent, and queue reports

Marketing and Advertising

Call records can contain hidden gems that can reveal the efficacy of marketing efforts and results from advertising campaigns. In addition to the tools provided by geographical, busy hour, DNIS-based sorting and filtering, ApogeeNet has been designed to provide useful data mining tools that provide unique ways to visualize data and capture key performance metrics.


The Purchasing department is concerned with acquiring goods and services for use by the organization. Often telecom products and services are not tracked thoroughly using traditional purchasing procedures. ApogeeNet can track telecom equipment, carrier services, and other contractual items using companion Inventory and Work Order Management modules. In addition to facilitating actual telecom purchases, historical reports can to utilized to track purchased items and services and project future needs.